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Flooring Maintenance

Commercial Flooring Solutions

Butler Flooring is Louisville’s full service commercial flooring provider. We offer maintenance programs for all types of commercial flooring. Our maintenance programs begin with a site walk through to determine the needs of each facility. We discuss cleaning and restorative methods, as well as tile rotation. Butler digitally charts the job with color coded floor plans that identify traffic patterns.

A maintenance program is developed that identifies areas to be cleaned weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly depending on the traffic and expectations of each facility. We use specialized cleaning methods to extract dirt and remove stains. Don’t worry about downtime. Our trucks arrive when your business is closed.

Caring for Your Commercial Flooring

  • Use surface protectors under furniture legs.
  • Place floor mats at outside entrances to minimize tracked in dirt and grit.
  • Avoid rubber-backed mats since they may cause permanent staining.
  • Sweep away abrasives such as salt, gravel, stones, and pieces of asphalt that make it past the mat as soon as possible.
  • Clean up spills immediately to avoid stains and injuries.
  • For your customers’ safety, remember to place wet floor signs in freshly mopped areas.

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