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Butler Method

Commercial Flooring Solutions

Project management.

Each project is assigned a project manager who is responsible for reviewing contract documents, submittals, field measurements and material coordination . Our project managers meet regularly with the installation manager, working together to identify and solve problem areas, insuring that the installation process runs smoothly and is completed on time and within budget.

Installation management.

Few flooring contractors have a dedicated expert overseeing the installation of each project. Our installation manager ensures that manufacturers installation requirements are met, the right installers are scheduled, each installer is trained in the latest techniques, and proper floor preparation is done to achieve a quality project. This includes moisture testing which is critical to assure optimum floor conditions prior to installation. Utilizing these procedures helps eliminate the need for costly punch lists and call backs.

Pre-inspection and pre-cutting.

We do a quality control pre-inspection of every roll of carpet going into a job to check for flaws. We pre-cut carpet in our warehouse based on dimensions from field measurements. By doing this we avoid surprises and delays on the jobsite. This is one aspect of our quality control.

Roll Sequencing.

Seam matching is always critical. That is why we do roll sequencing to eliminate side match problems and color shading,

Lift System.

Replacing carpet in an existing office with modular furniture can be expensive and time consuming. Butler can eliminate the hassle of replacing existing flooring in occupied offices, avoiding costly furniture moving and business disruption, by using our “Lift System”.

This patented system avoids disconnecting computers and phone lines.

Lift uses jacks to carefully lift modular furniture so that we may remove your existing carpet and install new carpet tiles. Lift jobs are typically scheduled in phases after hours so that your business can continue to operate.

Lift allows your employees to stay on the job – no downtime.

  • Work stations stay in their original positions.
  • Less expensive than disconnecting computers and dismantling workstations
  • Lift installs take less time than traditional furniture moving
  • Installation is cleaner